M.Com. Program

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M.Com. Program (2 Years)

The University School of Business Studies enjoys the academic legacy of NICE Management College, which was established in 1995, and that makes it as one of the oldest established business schools in North India. During this period. Its excellent reputation attracts students from all over the country. When one chooses to study or work with us in the School of Business Studies, one joins a community with excellent reputation for quality teaching and research with a commitment to continuing quality improvement. The School of Business Studies model is based on innovation, enterprise and re-engineering of the contemporary business education in India.

Program Overview

M.Com. is a postgraduate academic degree which is awarded after successful completion of a two years program. The Master degree course covers the study of principles of accounting, economic theory, micro and macroeconomics, money and banking systems, knowledge about business, trade and its characteristics and policies involved, etc. In the final year, the students opt for specialized study in any one of the fields of Commerce such as Statistics, Taxation, Marketing, Accounting & Finance, Banking, Insurance, etc. Simply, M.Com. is a postgraduate degree program that focuses on the systematic study of the concepts of Accountancy, Business Studies, Statistics, Economics, Mathematics, Finance, Banking, Law, Taxation, Marketing, Management Studies, etc. Therefore, the study of M.Com. Degree gives an insight of commerce, management and economics.


  • Banking & Finance
  • Insurance & Investment

M.Com. Course Beneficial?

  • M.Com degree serves as a basis for further higher studies and research in this field such as Ph.D. and M.Phil. Degree in Commerce.
  • M.Com degree holders can opt for further higher studies and career in various specializations of Commerce such as in Statistics, Taxation, Accounting & Finance, Banking, Insurance and many more.
  • Commerce postgraduates can take up research work in various fields of India’s national security problems including the international relations, geostrategic, geopolitical, socio-economic, tactical aspects of war, etc.
  • A Master's Degree in Commerce prepares a postgraduate for a wide variety of careers dealing with the flow of money, from accountant to investment banker, money manager to personal finance consultant.
  • Law schools are a very common destination nowadays for recent postgraduates in Commerce.
  • On successful completion of Master’s degree in Commerce, a student can apply for the UGC-NET or JRF exam; the success in these exams makes teaching or research as good options.

Eligibility Criteria

Admission to M.Com. Programs is open to a student who holds; A Bachelor Degree (Minimum 3 years Program) with 50% in Commerce or other relevant branch.

Fee Structure

Course Syllabus

Career Opportunitie you can choose after the course

The sector offers a plethora of job opportunities to the qualified candidates, as the industry not only requires highly qualified researchers, chemists, and technical experts; but also requires skilled managers who can manage and work towards the growth of the industry. Graduates can find jobs in various verticals such as government departments, research institutions, Universities, etc. Job profiles include:

  • Accounts Assistant
  • Corporate Analyst
  • Assistant Accountant
  • Business Analyst
  • Accountant
  • Cashier/Teller
  • Executive Assistant
  • Finance Manager