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The University will be internationally recognized as a premier Indian University with a global perspective that educates leaders who will fashion a more humane and just world. It is to develop the University as a brand in technical education, research and industrially relevant innovations at national and global level. We also strive to be a leading world class University, a key node in national and global knowledge network which will empower India with knowledge and innovations.


The core mission of the University is to promote learning in Indian tradition with international outlook. The University offers undergraduate, post-graduate, research scholars and professional students, the knowledge and skills needed to succeed as persons and professional in niche technical areas, and the values and sensitivity necessary to be men and women.

The University will distinguish itself as a diverse, socially responsible learning community of high-quality scholarship and academic rigor, sustained by Indian ethics & values. The University will draw from the cultural, intellectual and economic resources of the nation to enrich and strengthen its educational programmes.

The governance of the University is reflective of effective leadership and is in tune with the vision and mission of the University. The Vision and Mission statement defines the University’s distinctive characteristics in terms of addressing the needs of students and society it seeks to serve by:

  • Providing courses in all disciplines in futuristic and emerging areas
  • Focusing on research and innovation
  • Developing graduate attributes as per the need of the discipline/profession
  • Developing the overall personality of the students to be an excellent professional
  • Inculcating human values to be a good human being and having regard for heritage and culture.

The University has qualified and competent administrators to provide effective leadership and management at various levels:

  • University Level
  • Faculty Level
  • Department Level
  • Programme Level
  • Course Level

The involvement of leadership is achieved through well-defined systems and organizational structure consistent with statutes & ordinances of the University and with the Vision and Mission of the University in general. The University has various bodies for governance through development of policies, regulations & guidelines, their implementation and continuous improvement. University Regulations & Policy Guidelines are the instruments through which all the academic, research & administrative activities are administered and monitored for effective implementation, thus ensuring quality and continuous improvement at the University level.

The leadership includes Vice Chancellor, Deans, Directors, Heads of Departments/Centers, Coordinators, etc. The Vice Chancellor, as the Principal Executive and Academic Officer steers the University in fulfillment of its vision, mission and objectives leading the faculty and staff at all levels through developing strategic plan and setting up broad based goals/ targets, responsibilities and review mechanisms. The faculty and staff members are involved by the University leadership in developing and implementing the management system at various levels. The University invites innovative ideas/ suggestions for improvement in various functions such as Admission, Academics, Examination, Procurement, HR, Industry Interaction and Placements, Finance, Administration, Maintenance, etc.