Bachelor of Business Administration (3 Years)
AICTE Approved

The most successful business leaders can integrate knowledge of Finance, Marketing, Management and Operations into an effective business model. The Bachelor of Business Administration program at Shobhit University School of Business Studies prepares students for a full range of functions within the business world.

Program Overview

Bachelor of Business Administration is a three-year full-time course which aims towards building future professionals. We at Shobhit University take a long-term view of business education and prepare students for long and fulfilling careers. Our multi-disciplinary, application based teaching methodology provides life skills and practical knowledge that allows us to create innovators, thought-leaders, and entrepreneurs who can reinvent the future of doing business in new ways.

Based on an interdisciplinary and integrated curriculum, with a team-based, problem solving and hands-on learning environment, the BBA programme prepares its students for the corporate world. Students will graduate with practical knowledge and skills that will help them set the highest possible standards at the workplace. Students will understand basic managerial skills, communications skills, business planning, team spirit and real life problem solving.


  • BBA (29th Batch)
  • BBA Digital Marketing
  • BBA Banking Finance and Insurance
  • BBA General
  • BBA Global Business & Management

BBA General

A three-year business administration programme is known as a BBA. It is a highly sought-after programme that offers a comprehensive educational experience. In order to develop managers, corporate leaders, and entrepreneurs, it offers information and experiential learning. The programme is particularly intense because learning occurs year-round through workshops, co-curricular activities, and extracurricular pursuits. The students study how different business disciplines such as HR, Finance, Marketing, and Systems operate and how to use those ideas to offer the best solutions to the problems that firms confront.

BBA Digital Marketing

After graduating from high school, students can enroll in a three-year bachelor's programme in digital marketing. The newest and most popular marketing specialization is digital marketing. Not only in India but also globally, digital advertising is a booming sector. Due to practically all businesses moving their operations online, there is a growing demand for digital marketers, which is creating many career opportunities. Students who get a BBA in Digital Marketing are updated on some of the most important abilities, like the idea of sales conversions, campaign analysis, and strategy development.

Students for the BBA in Digital Marketing programme should have a creative and inventive mindset, critical thinking abilities, and strong interpersonal and communication skills. The three-year BBA in Digital Marketing programme has been divided up into six semesters. Different marketing and business analysis topics are covered during each semester. The course includes a project that gives the students the chance to practice their marketing skills.

BBA Banking Finance and Insurance

The three-year undergraduate banking programme known as B.B.A. Banking and Insurance is also known as Bachelor of Business Administration in Banking and Insurance. The programme covers instruction on a variety of topics and fundamentals utilised and used in the banking and insurance industries. This banking and insurance bachelor's programme is open to students who have finished their 12th grade. One of the most crucial industries is banking and insurance. For them to manage all of their activities comfortably, businesses in the banking and insurance sectors need professionals that are skilled and trained. This programme is open to students who excel in math and have strong oral communication skills.

The three-year bachelor's programme in banking and insurance covers a wide range of subjects over its three years, including information technology (IT), computer applications, accounting, economics, banking operations, Treasury operations, investment banking, rural finance, insurance, and loans. Six semesters make up the programme, of which four are shared by all students, with the final two depending on their area of specialisation. Additionally, the programme will enable the students to use advanced techniques to manage banking-related tasks and deliver results promptly.

BBA Business Analytics

Business analytics is the practice of studying data to determine what a company has to do to improve its bottom line. By developing mathematical models from data, aspirants can produce insightful knowledge that can be used to inform decisions and determine the best courses of action for a business or organisation. The BBA in corporate Analytics is a degree that uses data to support business decisions and keep them flexible and competitive.

The course combines business intelligence, data analysis, and computer programming. Reputable companies all over the world need business analysts and data analysts that can extract useful and applicable insights from data collected using certain technologies and methods. It is a three-year programme that is among the most in-demand for business professionals. Numerous aspects of managing and analysing data are focused in the curriculum. Big Data, representation, and data mining will all be covered in the class. Through the combination of technical and management knowledge, For enrollment to the programme, several colleges further conduct entrance exams.

BBA Global Business and Management

A course offered by the Bachelor of Business Administration is called Global Business Management. The path towards directing, regulating, checking, planning, and organising business activities is known as business management. The course offers a broad business education with a focus on boardroom fundamentals and fundamental leadership skills. It is crucial given the current economic issues and the environment's rapid change. It consists of seven courses in core business areas, such as the board, financial matters, and business law and ethics; two electives in newly developed fields, such as international business, overseeing various varieties in the global condition, and new media and electronic trade; and one final course that integrates all of the knowledge acquired throughout the programme.

The programme is created with an ever-changing global market in mind, and it creates individuals who can efficiently recognise, solve, control, avoid, and correct a variety of difficulties in Indian and international enterprises.

BBA Branding and advertising

The BBA in Branding & Advertising helps students gain knowledge and expertise in establishing, growing, and managing enterprises. The core courses on decision-making, money management, marketing, strategy, and economics are combined with business creativity, critical thinking, innovation, and entrepreneurship in this programme. Students interested in entrepreneurship are given a balanced introduction to the humanities and the world of business in this programme, which focuses on new business and communication enterprises. Students participate in multidisciplinary teams that tackle problems related to brands and advertisements in the real world as part of the practical component of the qualification.

Financial management, marketing strategy, creativity, and entrepreneurship are all integrated with the key components of branding and advertising in a truly multidisciplinary way. Students concentrate on actual brand management and advertising difficulties in this application-focused degree, which serves as a foundation for many successful jobs.

BBA HR Management

A three-year undergraduate degree in human resource management is known as a "Bachelor of Business Administration in HR" (BBA in HR). With specialised and professional training in human resource and personnel management, this degree merges management theory and practice. It teaches students the principles of handling and managing human resources by covering subjects including job analysis, training and development, workforce planning, remuneration, performance, and legal concerns in the workplace.

The programme aims to produce graduates who can handle obstacles in the workplace and use conceptual concepts, techniques, and tools to address challenges associated with business. Developing skills in strategic and human resource planning, compensation, hiring, training and development, career planning, organisational effectiveness, employee relations, and collective bargaining are goals of the human resource management programme. After earning this degree, a person can pursue an MBA with the same focus or an M.Phil in the same field.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Admission to BBA Program is open to a student who passed; Intermediate/ Higher Secondary (10+2) from any approved Board.

Admission Procedure

  • The admission shall be granted on the basis of valid score on CUET (UG)2024 / SUNET-2024.

Fee Structure

Career Opportunitie you can choose after the course

When the world’s most selective organisations seek new, innovative talent, they turn to Shobhit University Business Studies. Top FMCG companies, financial institutions, consulting firms, consumer products manufacturers and technology companies are among those firms that hire our Management graduates as interns and full-time employees. Some roles that graduates can explore include:

  • Operation Officer
  • Relationship Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Business Manager
  • Sales Representative
  • Credit Analyst


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