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Shobhit University partners with a number of well-known international universities and institutions for academic exchange of faculty and students for joint study, research and joint scientific and scholarly output. Our students also have an opportunity to study under progression agreements abroad. Some of our partners are:

Signing of MOU at University of Westminster, London, UK

University of Westminster, London, United Kingdom:

  • Credit Transfer arrangement for B.Tech. programs;
  • Progression agreement for M.Tech. programs;
  • Young faculty capacity building Scholarship

Ternopil Ivan Pul'uj State Technical University, Ukraine:

  • Research, faculty development and student exchange.
  • Mutual Recognition Agreement.

Association of International Accountants (AIA) (UK)

  • www.aiaworldwide.com/shobhit-university

Telecom Sector Skill Council (under NSDC)

  • Academic and Training partner to boost growth and productivity in the Telecom Sector

EVx Solutions India

  • R&D and Skill Development activities in the area of Mobile Systems and Innovations

Agricultural Growth of Rural India (AGRI)

  • Agricultural and rural development with intensive focus on agriculture related information dissemination, training and education.

International Standards Certifications (Global)

  • Certification of Quality Management systems (ISO 9001:2008)