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Shobhit University strives to “Empower younger generation through education”.

The sole mission of empowerment of younger generation is endeavored through the multi-disciplinary and research oriented academic structure for strong academic foundation. The foundation gets further enriched by the career services of University Training   Development Center. The presence of 50,000 plus alumni in global companies across the world, is a testimony of our approach. With more and more younger generation choosing Shobhit University as their first choice for higher education over the years , the University is committed to a long-term approach towards sustainable and industry relevant educational practices.

With an objective to revolutionize the landscape of higher education in India, Shobhit University has developed the industry relevant curriculum based on a multi-disciplinary model grounded in research. With an approach that combines theoretical foundations of academic disciplines and empirical demands of industries, Shobhit University develops the professionals of tomorrow.

Shobhit University is the model of a modern institution, one that breaks traditional boundaries of disciplines and experiments with pedagogy. Our strong faculty body comes from the most prestigious institutions in the world and are committed to the mission of the Shobhit University. They are supported by UTDC to foster experiential and personal growth. UTDC has the following mission

“Enhance the employability & life skills of the students to enable them to launch their professional journey with confidence”

The center complements the academic effort by fostering personal, intellectual and experiential growth for students to ensure that they become well-rounded and responsible professionals of tomorrow. Since the founding batch in 1995, UTDC has been offering a host of services for the students, such as individualized career assessment and guidance sessions, personal profiling, real-time industry exposure, and opportunities to engage with potential employers. We believe in providing students with the tools that would enable them to make informed decisions about their careers. Since its first batch of our Business School (Nice Management college) graduated in 1997 Now part of School of Business Studies, Shobhit University has continued to be a preferred choice for hiring by both Indian and international organizations. Our students exhibit all the qualities essential to be a global professional. The multidisciplinary curriculum at Shobhit University is supplemented by the efforts of the UTDC. Through various internal training workshops, mentorship programs, skill-development modules, English language, personality grooming sessions, and most important Internship, UTDC continuously works to ensure that students of SHOBHIT UNIVERSITY are an asset to any organization that hires them. The UTDC engages with a variety of organizations for Internships and Placements of students. These organizations range from being Multi-Disciplinary Employers, Core Engineering and Manufacturing companies, Start-ups, Think Tanks, Banks, Research and Financial institutions, NGOs, FMCG organizations and media houses.

For students who opt for entrepreneurial journey, UTDC provides in-house support and counselling sessions through Business Incubation center and help them pursue their dream projects in chosen domains.

The Graduation Outcomes

The Graduation Outcomes