The Sabarimala issue: Verdict & Conflict

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A panel discussion and Open House was organised by School of Law & Constitutional Studies, Shobhit Deemed University, Meerut on “The Sabarimala issue: Verdict & Conflict”.

Dean & Prof Dr. Rashmi Khorana Nagpal welcomed the panellist and participants.

Dr. S.P Garg made the audience familiar with the legal provisions pertaining to the controversial Act and the course taken by Supreme Court in reaching its verdict. He made the audience familiar with the topic gave an in-depth knowledge on the issue. Hon’ble SC allowed the entry of women of all age groups in Sabarimala temple. Earlier women between age groups of 10-50 years were not allowed to offer their prayers at the Sabarimala temple.

Dr. A P Garg called the Sabarimala judgement a progressive step and welcomed the decision of Hon’ble Supreme Court.

Dr. Rekha Verma & Apeksha Chaudhary also praised the judgment and welcomed it whole heartedly and considered it a step forward on path of women empowerment.

Open house was conducted by Nisha Parveen, Asst Prof, SLCS.

Mohd. Imran, Asst. Prof., SLCS extended the vote of thanks to all the dignitaries and participants.

Participation certificates  to students were distributed by the panellists and Prof. A. P. Garg.

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