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INDIA has always been an experience for anyone who has ever visited this exceptional nation. It is a land full of culturally diverse people, with each culture being unique and rich, and with a history and identity of its own. India is the land of Himalayas, a range of nature in all its glory. While numerous monuments in India are examples of human splendor and perfection, it is believed that most moving pieces of architecture are in India. India is home to many religions with all Indians celebrating religious festivals and occasions together.

Shobhit University welcomes foreign students at its lush green academic residential campus, located at Meerut. Students from countries such as Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Mongolia, Vietnam, Oman, Dubai, and Nepal have already studied with us. Various courses offered and eligibility to the courses is listed in the Admission Booklet . Students are advised to select the right course and check their eligibility carefully.

Meerut is a metropolitan city. The city lies 70 km northeast of the national capital New Delhi and is the second largest city in the National Capital Region of India, the 17th largest city in India. It ranked 242 in 2010 in the list of largest cities and urban areas in the world.

Meerut has excellent transport links. It is on the NH-58 providing access to the extensive motorway network. It is on the main railway line connecting Delhi and there National/International airports at Delhi can be reached in less than three hours by car or coach.

The Fees are payable on annual basis. The University will not accept any cheque or cash. Fees could be paid either through crossed Demand Draft in favour of Shobhit University, payable at Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India or money transfer through bank which is to be done before the commencement of Semester. In India the only currency accepted is INR but for the convenience, international students may deposit fees in USD also.

Top 10 reasons for choosing

India & Shobhit University as a destination for education

  • Safe Environment – Indian Constitution follows a policy of Non-discrimination, and believes in providing equal opportunities to every individual.
  • World Centre For Education – For centuries, India has been the global center for education.
  • Global Recognition – Fortune 500 Companies recruit from Indian Campuses regularly.
  • Quality Education – Indian education is known and appreciated globally for its quality standards. Shobhit University is ISO 9001:2008 certified Centre of Excellence providing quality education to its students.
  • Welcoming Environment – A cosmopolitan country, India extends an unbiased welcome to students from all nationalities. Our University, located in close proximity to New Delhi provides excellent working and teaching environments.
  • All Round Development – We organize cultural festivals, sports meets, workshops and seminars for all round development of our students.
  • English Medium - India is the third largest English speaking population in the world. Our medium of instruction is English. For students who come from non-English speaking countries, we organize one-year International Foundation Course in English before admitting to a technical course.
  • Affordability – As compared to UK & USA, we offer quality education at most reasonable costs.
  • Personal Approach – We believe in a personalized approach to teaching. For every 10 students, a faculty designated as ‘Personal Mentor’ takes care of academic and personal problems of students on a continuous basis.
  • The University-Industry Interaction – India has a large base of Industries. Our academic programs have a tremendous scope for relevant projects available in the country (both in-house and outsourced).