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Hostel living is an experience to every student, which is cherished throughout the life. It develops a sense of living and sharing together along with a feeling of belongingness towards the institution. Students are in close touch and guidance of the faculty and are able to use the library, computer and other facilities, better. Shobhit University provides Hostel accommodation to majority of its students opting for the facility.

The Boys' and Girls' Hostels are located in the campus. Hostel dining services provide good quality and nutritious food to students and the Menu is regularly reviewed by a Committee of students and faculty members in accordance with the tastes and likings of the students. Hostels also provide its residents an access to indoor and outdoor game facilities and recreational opportunities. All hostels are run under the supervision of experienced and matured wardens.

The Campus Cafeteria is the place where students can not only satisfy their taste buds by savoring a variety of foods and beverages, but also sit and relax in a cozy environment after long academic sessions.

Hostel Boarding and Mess charges (Per Academic Year)

Room Type

Triple Accommodation

Double Accommodation

Single Accommodation


USD 1250

USD 1750

USD 2500


USD 1750

USD 2500

USD 3750

Note: University Mess serves Indian Vegetarian Food only.

Refundable Hostel Security Amount: For Air-conditioned: INR 5000

INDIA has always been an experience for anyone who has ever visited this exceptional nation. It is a land full of culturally diverse people, with each culture being unique and rich, and with a history and identity of its own. India is the land of Himalayas, a range of nature in all its glory. While numerous monuments in India are examples of human splendor and perfection, it is believed that most moving pieces of architecture are in India. India is home to many religions with all Indians celebrating religious festivals and occasions together.

Shobhit University welcomes foreign students at its lush green academic residential campus, located at Meerut. Students from countries such as Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Mongolia, Vietnam, Oman, Dubai, and Nepal have already studied with us. Various courses offered and eligibility to the courses is listed in the Admission Booklet. Students are advised to select the right course and check their eligibility carefully.

The Fees are payable on annual basis. The University will not accept any cheque or cash. Fees could be paid either through crossed Demand Draft in favour of Shobhit University, payable at Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India or money transfer through bank which is to be done before the commencement of Semester. In India the only currency accepted is INR but for the convenience, international students may deposit fees in USD also

*The security deposit will be refundable to the student after s/he successfully completes her/his course. In case a student leaves the course midway or shifts to another institution without taking consent of the university, or without an NOC, the security deposit will be forfeited.