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In Shobhit, we are committed to achieve excellence in research, and to ensure that our research contributes to the well-being of society. We are a research-intensive university that shares the values of high-quality teaching within an environment of internationally competitive research. We seek to provide a creative and supportive environment in which ideas are generated and can flourish. The excellence and diversity of our research across the School of Engineering and Technology, Biological Engineering & Life Sciences, Basic & Applied, Management Studies, Education and Law & Constitutional Studies means that in addition to our achievements in fundamental research, we are also well-positioned to make significant contributions to the national innovation agenda and by conveying the implications of our research, to contribute to the formulation of policy.

We have also identified a number of Strategic Initiatives, which build on the existing research base in the University to tackle research challenges that can only be addressed by multi-disciplinary teams of researchers. Our aim is to provide academic leadership in these areas and to develop strategic partnerships with academe and industry around the world to advance research, and the impact of that research, in these fields.

The university undertook teaching and research as essential ingredients of its activities with emphasis on research productivity, innovations in teaching and progress in emerging areas through its Post-Graduate and Doctoral programs. Each stream has a very strong research-focus and industry aligned curriculum. With an understanding that to carry out research of the highest quality, it can no longer merely be an 'in-house' affair, the university has joined hands with a number of universities and research organizational for collaboration in research.

Our thrust area of research are like Experimental Nuclear Physics, Stability Analysis of Fluids, Reliability and Queuing Theory, Inventory Control Web information retrieval, Opinion mining on social media, Information extraction from deep web, Wireless Sensor Networks, Data mining and Clustering, VLSI Interconnects, Fault diagnosis in VLSI, Molecular Target identification, Recombinant DNA Technology, Immunology, Bio-chemical Characterization of Phytochemicals, Mushroom Technology, Anti-Microbial Study of Phytochemicals, Agriculture Extension & Information Technology, Development and Standardisation of Chemicals in plants, Analysis of heavy metals in Ground Water, HR Policies & Strategies, Computerization of Organizations, Consumer behavior & Marketing Strategies, Stress Management & Work Life Balance, Entrepreneurship, Constitutional law, Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Mergers, Amalgamations & Take overs, Family law- Triple Talaq, Intellectual property law- Patent, Copyright and International Scenario, Educational Technology and Educational Philosophy.

The University organizes workshops, seminars, conferences and brain storming sessions at national and international level by the experts from academia, industry and research organizations for identifying potential areas of research in these emerging areas, develop inclusive syllabi, build knowledge base with innovative pedagogy, establish linkages and tie-ups with renowned institutes and universities at national and international levels. A total of 412 Conferences/workshops/seminars have been conducted.

The research papers of the faculty and the students are regularly published in Journals indexed in SCOPUS/ Web of Science/ Science Citation Index etc.





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