University Placement Preparatory Module

In every academic session, the students opting for placements face employers in a competitive selection process. Preparing them to ace the placement process is the University Placement Preparatory Module (UPPM) which enables students to present their best self forward.

UPPM 12 hours module covers sessions on Resume and Cover Letter Creation, Mock Interview Rounds and Group Discussions, Technical Interviews and Company’s specific Aptitude tests. These sessions helps the students understand how an actual interview day may look like.

UPPM module gets normally conducted once a year in the class room mode after every odd semester end exams to enable internship/ placement bound students to be better prepared before they start their professional journey. UTDC also plan to conduct such sessions ONLINE to offset challenges of pandemic.

English Language Skills Module

In our mission to create equal opportunities for non-English speaking students, the University lays special focus on ELSM right from the start of an academic journey of the student. ELSM module is mandatory academic requirement for all students and is credit based. The delivery of the sessions happens in blended mode in which the class room’s sessions are conducted On-Line while the students are required to practice their learning in a state of the art language Lab. The language lab is equipped with a latest software “Word-worth” and is manned by Word-worth certified faculty. The sessions are conducted school wise in batches and the progress is assessed through assignments and exams.

ELSM module not only helps students to overcome their language barrier but also enable them to be a part of the mainstream.

Students Induction Module

The main Purpose of SIM is to help new students adjust and feel comfortable in the new environment, inculcate in them the ethos and culture of the institution, help them build bonds with other students and faculty members, and expose them to a sense of larger purpose and self-exploration. The duration of SIM is one week and is conducted before the commencement of each academic session.

At the start of the induction, the incumbents learn about the institutional policies, processes, practices, culture and values, and their mentor groups are formed. SIM could cover a number of different aspects i.e.
Socializing: meeting other new students, senior students, students union, Lectures by Eminent People;
Associating: visits to University / college, visits to Dept./Branch/ Program of study & important places on campus, local area, city and so on;
Governing: rules and regulations, student support etc.
Experiencing: Subject lectures, study skills, small-group activities, physical activity, creative and performing arts, literary activities, universal human values, etc. The module is designed as per the guidelines provided by UGC/AICTE.

Students Induction Module

In our mission to inculcate life skills in each student, UTDC has designed a Soft skills Module (SSM) which is 20 hours program and is mandatory for all students.

SSM covers sessions on Psychometric Test, the importance Setting value based goals, Body Language, Leadership, Etiquettes, Presentation skills, Time management, Understanding values, beliefs, cultivating new habits, Self-esteem, Overcoming the fear of failure etc. contribute to their overall evolution from classroom to the outside world. The delivery of SSM is spearheaded by the UTDC Head in close coordination with the experts drawn from the academia and Industry. Besides Alumni and Soft skills trainers are also roped in to conduct special sessions to give best exposure to our students.

Entrepreneurial Skills Module

With our mission to develop the inherent skills of the students who wants to embark on their journey of entrepreneurship, UTDC has designed a special 10 hours module to prepare our aspiring students to become the business owners. ESM is complemented by Technology Business Incubator {TBI}.

Shobhit University is one of the 8 TBI of MSME (Ministry of Small & Medium Enterprises) in which the aspiring IN/OFF campus students get an opportunity to learn the technical skills from the trained faculty mentors to start their own project as a trainee. During the program, they also undergo a mandatory 10 hours Entrepreneurial Skills Module {ESM} hosted by UTDC. The program module comprises of the following sessions:

  • Goal setting and Values
  • Managing crisis situation
  • Positive Attitude,
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Developing self confidence
  • New product launch and marketing strategy
  • Leadership
  • Stress & Time management

Besides UTDC engages one to one with the aspiring entrepreneur on their specific challenges to help them to overcome their challenges and grow their business faster with limited resources.

Inter-disciplinary Skills Module

Inter-disciplinary Skills Module (IDSM) is aimed at preparing students to have wider exposure. It encourages students to have experiential learning in a non-domain space and enable their holistic development. For instance, if a business management student (BBA/MBA) gets an opportunity to participate in a short term IT training on MS office suite, AI or Data science he/she becomes more grounded as for handing of IT related issues. Almost all programs of Shobhit University are interdisciplinary in nature which promotes innovation and better understanding of subsidiary areas especially in the changed scenario. We conduct host of programs across domains for mixed group of students. Some of the prominent ones recently conducted/ underway are Internet of Things, Understanding AI, Digital marketing, Managing Emotions.

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