Central infrastructural Facilities

We are committed to creating the best learning environment and provide the right equipment and facilities, to help our students to achieve their potential during studies. Our students learn in a variety of ways, including case studies, role-plays, and simulations.

Because we know that no single approach can effectively address the range of challenges they'll encounter throughout their career, this diverse education is designed to give them the breadth and depth of skills and experience they'll need for success.

Central infrastructural facilities


Department Library is open in all the working hours i.e. from 8.50 am to 6.00pm. The following facilities are available in the library:

  • Computer with internet facility
  • Access to Central Library
  • Access to digital Library
  • Reading Room
  • Project reports
  • Journals for reference only

Class rooms with ICT facility


Computer Lab Facilities


University Maintenance Policy

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