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Shobhit University believes that the best way to lay a strong foundation for a stable career is to be informed and prepared. It is important that during their time at the university, students explore the present and upcoming career choices available to them across various domains, be it in corporate sectors, government, civil society and non-profit organizations, academia, or entrepreneurship.

To ensure students are aware about these dynamics and the factors that regulate them, UTDC organizes guest lecture series conducted by leading professionals from all industries and disciplines. Various industry engagement programs through field visits, mentorship programs, workshops and trainings, and individual career counselling give students the relevant exposure to the field and enable them to make an informed decision about their graduation outcomes. Our alumni are active and engage frequently with their juniors to ensure that they are not only aware but prepared to achieve their career aspirations. Our services are not limited to the UTDC; they engage our faculty, alumni, and parents to assist the students. Their choice of either leading an academic career by embarking deeper into research and higher education, or diving straight into the job market through placements, or venturing of their own, is an outcome of the career services we provide at UTDC.