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B.A. – Government & Administration (3 Years)

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B.A. – Government & Administration (3 Years)

Get a strong foundation in general business knowledge and skills, with a wide range of specialisation options, and extensive opportunities for ‘hands-on’ experience, active learning and interaction with the business community.

Program Overview

The B.A. - Government and Administration program is an interdisciplinary undergraduate degree designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of government systems, public administration, and policy-making processes. This program combines coursework from political science, public administration, and related fields to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complexities of governance and contribute to public sector organizations.

The program offers a comprehensive study of government systems, political theories, and public policy. Students explore topics such as comparative politics, political ideologies, political institutions, and the relationship between government and society. They gain a deep understanding of how governments function and the political dynamics that shape policy-making processes.

Program Highlights

The program focuses on public administration principles and practices. Students learn about public sector organizations, public policy implementation, budgeting and financial management, human resource management, and public service delivery. They develop skills in organizational management, leadership, and decision-making within the public sector context. The program emphasizes policy analysis and evaluation skills. Students learn how to assess the effectiveness and impact of public policies, analyze policy alternatives, and make evidence-based recommendations. They gain the ability to critically evaluate policy proposals and contribute to the development of sound public policies.

The program explores the legal and ethical dimensions of government and administration. Students learn about constitutional law, administrative law, and the ethical responsibilities of public administrators. They understand the importance of upholding legal and ethical standards in governance and public service.

The program addresses contemporary public policy and governance challenges. Students study topics such as globalization, sustainable development, social inequality, public sector reforms, and crisis management. They gain insights into the complex issues facing governments and develop innovative approaches to address these challenges.

The program provides an understanding of the political and administrative contexts in which governments operate. Students study the dynamics of power, political behavior, public opinion, and the role of interest groups. They gain insights into the challenges and opportunities for effective governance in different political systems.

By pursuing a B.A. - Government and Administration program, students can expect to gain a comprehensive understanding of government systems, public administration, and policy-making processes. They develop skills in policy analysis, leadership, and effective communication, preparing them for careers in government agencies, non-profit organizations, public policy research, or advocacy.

Eligibility Criteria

Admission to B.A. - Government & Administration program is open to a student who passed; Intermediate/ Higher Secondary (10+2) from any approved Board.

Admission Procedure

Based on CUET (UG) / SUNET 2024 and Academic Merit

Career Opportunitie you can choose after the course

This undergraduate program in Economics aims at developing among students a sound theoretical understanding of the subject along with practical applications. The idea is to encourage broad based understanding with greater depth in areas of particular interest to students. Studying economics today opens up several possibilities for the future, and the idea is to guide students select their own trajectory in career advancement.

  • Investment Analyst
  • Investment Administrator
  • Economist
  • Economic Researcher
  • Cost Estimator
  • Foreign Trade Analyst
  • Financial Service Manager
  • Market Research Analyst


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