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School of Education of Shobhit University conducts Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) which is approved by NCTE jaipur & NAAC accredited university. Department of Education of the Shobhit University, is one of the major institutions of professional learning and research in education. It offers various academic and professional programs. Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) Degree is a full-time professional teacher education program for duration of two academic years, after graduate or post-graduate studies, in-service programs for teachers and other educational practitioners.

Our Mission

To provide quality teachers to the society By quality we mean- imbibed with ethical and moral values, adaptable to innovation in education and student centric.


To make ICT an integral part of our teaching learning process by 2017.


After completing this programme, graduates of the program are able to

  • Showcase Leadership abilities in Curriculum design and instruction, Dynamics of organisational change, Contextual learning and design, Program assessment and evaluation, Professional development, Research design evaluation, assessment, and measurement.
  • Demonstrate expertise in a scholarly discipline and improve understanding of the world of the arts, sciences, and technology.
  • Use their expertise and skills to make a positive contribution to society.
  • Make reasoned decisions based on an understanding of ethics, respect for diversity, and an awareness of issues.
  • Attain professional competence, intellectual maturity and personal growth along with a commitment for ethical development of the industry.

Key Highlights

The program must enable students to attain, by the time of graduation:

  • Evolving Educational Technology, Teacher Education, Economics of Education, Educational planning & administration, the psychology of education, etc. are the significant aspects covered in the programmes.
  • Regular classes are organised for the preparation of competitive tests like Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) and National Eligibility Test for Lectureship and Research Fellowships (NET).
  • We believe in imparting humanitarian education that fosters humanistic values necessary for a responsible citizenry and global perspectives.


Course Offered

For the current academic year, we are offering the following programs:

Educational Programmes are Recognised by National Council of Teachers Education.

Language lab helps students hone their leadership skills and communication abilities in English and foreign languages.

To empower girl candidates 20 percent Scholarship is awarded to all women students admitted in integrated programs.

Shobhit University Best University serving social cause-CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities)
National Education Excellence Awards 2018
bestowed by The Associated Chambers of Commerce of India (ASSOCHAM) India

The curriculum is updated every year with necessary additions reflecting international developments.

Global curriculum and pedagogy; digital library with an extensive electronic database.

Student Testimonial
Shobhit University - BEd college in UP Testimonial

We are fortunate to get exposure to field work. Activities conducted in the department and university has helped us to inculcate various good habits and has improved our overall personality.

- Gaurav, B.Sc. (Ag)
Shobhit University - BEd college in UP Testimonial

I really feel proud to be a part of this organization.

-Swati Sharma, -B.Tech. (Biomedical)
Shobhit University - BEd college in UP Testimonial

There are very good relationship between teacher and students. We wish the same for a long time.

- Pintu Kumar, B.Tech. (EC)
Shobhit University - BEd college in UP Testimonial

All the Teachers are very experienced and knowledgeable.

- Gazi Abbas Zaidi, B.Tech. (Mechanical Engg.)