MBA in Pharmaceutical Management

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MBA in Pharmaceutical Management (2 Years)

MBA(Pharmaceutical Management) is a very good option after completing B.Pharm, BSc-Microbiology, Bio-Tech and other related streams. The Pharma-industry is one of the top running player in any country with an annual income of minimum 50-75 thousand crore. The managing experts are always required for any of the industry to grow up.

Number of pharmaceutical companies are there all over the world which require number of managing experts. MBA in pharmaceutical management have very big opportunities all over the world.They are getting attracting payment packages and placement being offered in college years only. They are the main ladder for corporate world. So, anyhow they are strongly grow up their future prospectus and have a very respective life than any other fields.

“Pharmaceutical Management is a discipline of management courses, which works with the health and chemical sciences and ensures the safe and secure use of pharmaceutical drugs”.

“Pharmaceutical Management = Pharmaceutical Science + Business Management”

The career in pharmaceutical management includes development, research, pharmaceutical administration and nursing.Through this management programme, students get trained in enterprise management, advanced business concept, advanced pharmaceutical management, etc.

This course develops skills in planning & operating management techniques, acquiring consultancy skills and solving management problems.The main objective of these courses, to build skilled and effective professionals for the Pharmaceutical sector.

Some top specialized field of Pharma Management

  • Pharma Product Management
  • Pharma Sales & Marketing Management
  • Financing Pharmaceuticals
  • Pharma Production Management
  • Pharmaceutical Policy, Laws & Regulations

Major job profiles available in market

  • Sales Managers
  • Drug Distribution Manager
  • Market Researcher & Drug Developer
  • Pharmaceuticals Distributors
  • Pharmaceutical Purchase Manager
  • Formulation Pharmaceutical Technology Scientist
  • Quality Assurance Manager
  • Business Development Manager

Teaching Pedagogy

Management education in SBS-SU is imparted through a judicious mix of teaching pedagogy. Faculty members strive to make their courses interactive with practical examples so that students can correlate the theories for better understanding so as to impart Outcome Based Learning. Following teaching aids are used in the classes:

Case Analyses

Lectures are supplemented by case studies in all the courses which augment students' analytical, problem solving and decision making skills. This enables experiential learning among the students as they analyse real business issues, and apply their classroom knowledge to strengthen their business acumen.

Group Activities

Students are required to work in teams wherein they learn to work and adapt with diverse workforce while working on specified activity. The activity help fostering the various managerial and negotiation skills in the students. Also during the semester, students are assigned project(s) in each course. Herein, the students are expected to research and analyse latest industry developments, incorporate theoretical concepts, understand and propose innovative solutions to the business challenges.

Project Based Learning

Students team is formed out of hand picked students of various department and projects are allotted to them, students go through experiential learning process. All students have the opportunity to enroll for one semester on a commercial project, as a part of the curriculum. These activities strengthen their learning outcomes SBS.

Continuous Evaluation

Students are regularly evaluated on different parameters to check their progress throughout a semester. Class participation, short quizzes, announced tests, assignments, projects, etc. form part of this evaluation process.

Guest Lecture

Students SBS regularly interacts with eminent guests speakers from the industry and academia on a regular basis. These experts having huge experience and unparalleled expertise coming from varied industries and different academics. The SBS arranges for regular visit by high ranking industry personnel to the campus. This is to ensure that students are aware of the latest development in the industry, thereby making them employable for their future endeavours.

Conferences /Seminars /Workshops

Conferences /Seminars /Workshops on various contemporary topic and issues are conducted on a regular basis to equip the students with necessary skills as per the demand of the industry. These activities are helpful to improve students’ skills related to Management areas, improve communication, analytical skills and so on.

Eligibility Criteria

A Bachelor's degree or equivalent with a minimum of 50% aggregate marks in any discipline under 10+2+3 system from a recognized University. Candidates appearing in the final year of their bachelor's degree are also eligible, provided they furnish the proof of having met the minimum eligibility criteria by September 30, 2020.

The candidate must clear any of the university approved eligibility test such as CAT / XAT / MAT / SUNET'2020. A cut off rank for all the above exams will be decided by the Admission Committee.

Admission Procedure

Short listed applicants will be invited for a Personal Interview. Overall objective is to identify and assess candidate's communication ability, in addition to his/her overall knowledge base.

Fee Structure

Course Syllabus

Career Opportunitie you can choose after the course

Pharmaceutical Management is one of the fastest growing and rewarding fields. Students develop skills in planning & operating management techniques, acquire consultancy skills and learn to solve management problems. The sector offers a plethora of job opportunities to the qualified candidates, as the industry not only requires highly qualified researchers, chemists, and technical experts; but also requires skilled managers who can manage and work towards the growth of the industry. Graduates can find jobs in various verticals such as government departments, research institutions, Universities, Pharmaceutical Industry, Hospitals, etc. Job profiles include:

  • Sales Managers
  • Drug Distribution Manager
  • Market Researcher & Drug Developer
  • Pharmaceuticals Distributors
  • Pharmaceutical Purchase Manager
  • Formulation Pharmaceutical
  • Technology Scientist
  • Regional/ Zonal Sales Manager


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