Shobhit University Law & Constitutional Studies
Shobhit University Law & Constitutional Studies
Shobhit University Law & Constitutional Studies
Shobhit University Law & Constitutional Studies
Shobhit University Law & Constitutional Studies


Law & Constitutional Studies

School of Law and Constitutional Studies (SLCS) is a constituent department of Shobhit University and is approved by Bar Council of India. SLCS intends to introduce students to the study of law with an emphasis on the Indian Constitution. The school focuses on legal studies with an understanding on how constitutional rules affect political and economic processes. Students also study the theory, history, economics, and development of constitutional thought. They also learn about natural and civil rights, a market economy, a self-governing citizenry, voluntary associations, and the rule of law.

The School was formally inaugurated by Shri Keshri Nath Tripathi Ji, H.E. the Governor of West Bengal, and an emenient Advocate.

Our Mission

School of Law and Constitutional Studies seeks to prepare students for the practice of law in India. We must attempt to instill in every student a respect for the rule of law, a devotion to the ideal of public service, and a commitment to basic professional values: honesty, diligence, competence, intelligence, and civility.

To achieve this the school seeks to promote multi-disciplinary analysis of the socio-legal problems by designing its course-structure and teaching methods to realize these objectives.


After completing this programme, graduates of the program are able to

  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of the Indian legal system.
  • Exhibit proficiency in legal analysis, legal reasoning, and legal practice skills.
  • Demonstrate acquaintance and knowledge of the substantive and procedural law.
  • Have ability to draft common legal documents and organise legal analysis and argument.
Course Offered

Law Programmes are Recognised by Bar Council of India

Language lab helps students hone their leadership skiils and communication abilities in English and foreign languages.

To empower girl candidates 20 percent Scholarship is awarded to all women students admitted in integrated programs.

'School of Law and Constitutional Studies' of Shobhit University featured in

The curriculum is updated every year with necessary additions reflecting international developments.

Global curriculum and pedagogy; digital library with an extensive electronic database.

Student Testimonial

Relationship of Teacher student is very good and helpful.

Ranjit Singh BA, LLB

There are very good relationship between teacher and students. We wish the same for a long time.

Piyush Sharma LL.B

Student and Teacher relationship is excellent. Teachers are very cooperative and intelligent.

Jitendra Kumar Singh LL.M

I my department HOD sir and all faculty members are very cooperative.

Vibhor Agrawal LLM
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