Customer: Heart of Innovation

Experience in marketing, based on providing unique participation for clients. Attracting the consumers quickly by various means and encouraging them to take part in the overall product development. Involvement in marketing, the customer has the opportunity to detect the quality of the product. Instead of advertising, arranging of advertising, twitter, etc.

The Marketing skills can be touched and looked at it in a physical form. This can be for a personal consumer, an opportunity, and as a communication tool, in this case, it was the subject of a traditional campaign, and whether or not it can be done in a deeper, more practical approach, and it is off-line. With the addition of a product to the property, and you can use it to improve or fine-tune the information that you need. 

Marketing expertise is now more important than ever, and people are more focused on digital advertising and increasing the awareness of a product, marketing, and business practices to increase product awareness and bring a memorable experience. In a fun and collaborative experience, we make it easy for you to remember. 

With a marketing background, and it is an important strategy to help provide the live context of a real connection between the product and the consumer. This provides companies with a unique opportunity to capture the attention of the general public and to increase the loyalty of their customers. Instead of telling them about your product, ask them to be a part of it.

This is to properly market a good experience for the customer that you would like to share with all of you, and it will eventually lead you to a product in a ponytail. This is not an advertisement for any product, but to us, the consumers, to see, to touch, to feel, and to see what their health will be like in the field. As opposed to traditional or digital marketing, experiential marketing is a unique, fast, and effective way to increase brand awareness by using personal contact with our customers. The stimulation of all the senses of the emotions, the memories that will be displayed so that it will remain so.


Ms. Devyani Garg
Research Associate
NICE School of Business Studies

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