4Sustenance of Ecological Wealth - A tribute to our Environmentalists


Kunwar Shekhar Vijendra: Whoever said that the economy is run by humans, perhaps didn't realize that ecology plays a gigantic role in supporting it. The environment and environmentalists provide us with the key foundation to have a stable economy and it is time for us humans without any further thought; acknowledge, appreciate, and respect this reality. Economic growth and environmental protection are not at odds, they are opposite sides of the same coin if you're looking at longer-term prosperity.


Over times, we have paid tribute to freedom fighters who fought for our country, I dedicate this piece of my writing to bow and pay tribute to great environmentalists and honour them with the same squad who fought against all odds to Save the Environment. The environment of clean air, clean water, and clean food to live clean – a place to breathe!

The occasion of environment day would be incomplete if I did not mention a special human; a Padma Vibhusan, a true Gandhian and environmentalist Shri Sunderlal Bahuguna, aged 92, whom we most recently lost to Covid. I feel miserable to remark the cause of his death, a man who was never afraid of dying while saving the environment - succumbed to the cause he fought for? What does it say to us - the only message I take from his life and death is - it is about time we get to act together and do our bit to save our environment and economy - because eventually we all will succumb if we didn't!

Although we are aware of the consequences of the damage we make consciously and unconsciously, but seldom we give attention and act upon it- pandemic is a huge example where it left us to a condition of shortage of oxygen - which is the natural process of nature to provide. It is nothing but an example of humans not caring for their environment! How about this day of 5th June on Environment Day we Indians, pledge as our personal responsibility to be aware, acknowledge, and act by planting one tree a year and look after that tree-like we have adopted a baby! I am very sure- this act will not go unnoticed – and may perhaps become a Kindness movement, a legacy we will leave behind for our future unborn generation – a legacy of wealth of clean ecology and a stable economy!

I shall conclude by quoting Mahatama Gandhi ji here where he emphasized that creation of wealth through fairer means and without endangering sustainable development has to be the basis of economic policy.

Let's be conscious of our deeds now, and save our ecological wealth before we risk more!

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