M. Tech. in Agriculture Informatics

Semester - I - Credits 30

  • 1. Introduction to Information Technology
  • 2. Programming & Programming Paradigms
  • 3. Farm Sector Infrastructure
  • 4. Agricultural Economics and Trade (including Trade Statistics, Market Intelligence and supply chain logistics)
  • 5. Web Designing, Web Services, Web GIS and Internet Applications
  • 6. Agricultural & Food Processing Technologies (Harvest and Post Harvest Technologies, value addition, products development)
  • 7. Agricultural Production Systems Management (Sustainability, Hi-Tech Agriculture and Modeling, Farm Mechanization and Resource Mapping)
  • 8. Seminar

Semester - II - Credits 30

  • 1. Database Technology and Applications
  • 2. Information resources, Information Retrieval and Technical Communication
  • 3. Software Engineering and Quality Management
  • 4. Quantitative Techniques & Data Analytics & Modeling
  • 5. Agricultural Finance, Insurance and Agri-Business Management
  • 6. Agricultural Extension, Methods and tools of communication
  • 7. Project (including Field Work)

Semester - III - Credits 30

  • 1. Data Communication and Computer Networks, Information Security, Network Economy
  • 2. Farm Health Management, Expert Systems and Organic Agriculture
  • 3. e-Governance, Cloud Computing, Standards, Interoperability and Digital preservation
  • 4. Agricultural Credit and Financial Inclusion (Micro-financing, Money lenders, Farmers Distress, Self Help Groups etc)
  • 5. Elective Paper – 1*
  • 6. Elective Paper – 2*
  • 7. Elective Paper – 3*
  • 8. Entrepreneur Development Programme in Agricultural Service Delivery [Agricultural Projects formulation, economic viability, appraisal and cost-benefit ratio]

Elective Paper – 1 *

  • 1. Decision Support System (DSS)
  • 2. Knowledge Management
  • 3. Value Added Services and Digital Networks including Wireless and Sensor Networks

Elective Paper – 2 *

  • 1. Geo-Informatics : GIS and Remote Sensing Technology Applications
  • 2. Agricultural Bioinformatics
  • 3. Climate Change and its impact on agricultural production

Elective Paper – 3*

  • 1. Strategic Research and Extension Plan (SREP) for Agricultural development (including schemes related to Agricultural Production, Land and Watershed projects, crop insurance, Rainfed farming projects etc.)
  • 2. Agricultural Resources Information System and Micro Level planning
  • 3. Rural Computing and Social Auditing

Semester - IV - Credits 15

  • 1. Field Work and Dissertation
    (Note: Students with B.Sc. Agricultural Sciences to have projects on Informatics related topics, whereas the Students from other disciplines to have projects on on-farm related topics.)

Teaching Faculty drawn from

Academic, Researcher, Industry Experts, Scientist and Technocrats from the disciplines of Computer Science and Engineering, Internet Engineering and Technology, Data Science and Engineering, Agricultural Science, Engineering and Technology, Geographical Science and Engineering, Social Science, Economics.

Who can apply for this Course?

  • • Students having Graduate Degree in Agricultural Sciences from recognized University / Institute from India and Abroad
  • • Students having Post-Graduate (M.Sc) degree in Mathematics, Physics, Statistics, Rural Development, Geography, Economics, Information Technology, Bio-Informatics, Bio-Technology and Forestry.

Institutional Linkages

This Course envisages to have linkages with ICAR Institutions, CGIAR Institutions, Indian Central and State Agricultural Universities, Farm Science Centres, Agricultural Universities abroad. Special linkages with respect to Agricultural Universities in ACP countries, European Union, United States, Australia and Asian Countries.

Residential Programme

This Course is a residential programme.

Industry Linkages

Effective linkages for Supply Chain and Value Chain with Agricultural Industries.