"Industrial Aspects of Plant Tissue Culture in Agriculture"

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Department of Biotechnology was established as premier Department in 2007. We define biological engineering as an analogous sibling to the main, well-established engineering disciplines in being recognizably focused on creating new technologies for a spectrum of application fields based on an identifiable basic science foundation — all using the two “wings” of engineering:” ‘analysis’ and ‘synthesis.

With a goal of developing effective biology-based technologies for application across a broad spectrum of society’s needs, including prominently, but not exclusively, human and environmental health, Biological Engineering students learn within an exciting landscape of research opportunities.

Duration of the course:

5 Days

Who can join :

Undergraduates, Postgraduates, Students pursuing B.Sc, B.Tech., M.Sc., M.Tech., Academicians, Research Scholars & Industry Professionals.

Mode of Delivery :


Course Starting from :

05 July, 2021

Course Completion Date :

09 July, 2021

Time :

03:00 PM - 05:00 PM (Daily)

Instructor :

Dr. Sandeep Kumar

Important Note:

Free Registration | Participation Contribution: Rs.1000/- only
All Participants shall be awarded with E-Certificates on successful completion of the course.

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Bank Name: Union Bank of India
Branch address: Shastri Nagar, Meerut
Account Name: Shobhit Institute of Engineering & Technology
(Shobhit University)
Account Number: 496604010029158
IFSC Code: UBIN0549665

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Name: Deepak Kumar Goyal
Mobile: 9927818020

Objective of the Course

To impart knowledge to the students on the various techniques of plant tissue culture, principles of plant biotechnology, crop improvement and their role in micropropagation industries.

Courses Outcome:

At the end of the course the learners will be able to:

  • Explain the various components of plant tissue culture media, e.g. minerals, growth factors, hormones, and what governs the choice of components,
  • Establish and maintain plants in tissue culture and micropropagation,
  • A number of nations are installing more units to increase the productivity of plantlets
  • Plant tissue culture has turned out to be an important tool in the farming and nursery industries.

Course Content


Topics Covered


  • Introduction of PTC
  • Media preparation and establishment of aseptic culture


Topics Covered


  • Rapid multiplication and disease free plant production
  • Commercial propagated plant categories –Fruits, cash crops, spices, medicinal plants, Bio fuel etc.


Topics Covered


  • Carefully selection of mother plants
  • Proper package and practices to be adopted monitoring in hardening area


Topics Covered


  • National Certification System for Tissue Culture Raised Plants (NCS TCP)
  • Awareness about the advantages of tissue culture raised plants


Topics Covered


  • Tools and techniques for establishment of PTC commercial unit

Resource Person


Dr. Sandeep Kumar

Professor-Department of Biotechnology,
Shobhit Institute of Engineering & Technology
A NAAC Accredited Deemed to-be University) Meerut

Dr. Sandeep Kumar has a teaching and research experience of more than 19 years. He has completed his M.Phil in 1997 from H.N.B. Garhwal University, Srinagar Garhwal. In 2002, under JRF scholarship from DBT, he was awarded Doctorate degree from M.L. Sukhadia University, Udiapur , Rajsathan. During 2002 to 2007 joined postdoctoral fellowship at G.B. Pant Inst. of Himalayan Environment & Development, Sikkim Unit, Gantok under the fellowship of Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India.

He has supervised 8 Ph.Ds with 3 awarded and have more than 45 publications in reputed Journals. He is doing research in the field of Plant Biotechnology-Cell, Callus and Tissue culture of Commiphora wightii (Guggul), Stevia rebaudiana (Bertoni), Kigelia pinnata, Barleria prionites, Elaeocarpous ganitrus Roxb. (Rudraksha) and Adensonia digitata (Kalpavriksh) for developing technology and its Micropropagation. Genepool preservation and mass propagation of Sikkim Himalayan Rhododendron using biotechnological tools.

He is currently working as a Professor in Department of Biotechnology, Shobhit Institute of Engineering & Technology(Deemed-to-be University), Meerut. He is presently engaged in teaching and research activities for the advancement of the academics in the area of Biotechnology and Microbiology.

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