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Remember "Once in lifetime you or any of your friends or family members had been to a hospital & were recommended to have an X-Ray taken or undergo a Blood test, CT Scan etc…". Hope not many of us have experienced. Sometimes, the doctors give up their treatment and ask the patient to visit a "particular person" called Physiotherapist or occupational therapist who offers better & effective treatment. And many more instances.

Now what's important is to know more about such "Professionals " who do a Blood Test or a massage or a therapy and aid the doctor for better treatment of the patient & hence make health care easy and effective. These Professionals are called as "Paramedics." If there are no Paramedics, there is neither money nor any profit for doctors, hospitals, private clinics, etc…in general the entire health sector. So be a Paramedic and discover the great realms of Human health & can earn huge money. It's a hidden treasure which's not known to many. A Few who found the hidden treasure are now the masters in the field of Health Care & Medical Sciences. Currently they have better opportunities & bright prospects than and MBBS / BDS graduate.

A Paramedic is a professional who helps the doctors in specialized areas and facilitates for better diagnosis, treatment and therapy. The increase in number of patients, variety of diseases & the demand for immense treatment have paved the way for Paramedical Professionals who are expert technicians or therapists providing better quality to human health care.

For a bright career prospects as a Paramedic the aptitude and qualities required are:

Responsibility: Paramedics are the backbone of medical services. You need to work hard with great responsibility. More importance to quality & precision during work. Ability to judge & make clear observations is essential.

Scientific bent of mind: Lots of technical stuff, sophisticated machines (very costly), changing trends in technology & implementation demand a paramedic to be more tech savvy (like machine and equipment) as well as have a liking to science & its deep understanding. You should be able to make correct and precise observations each and every time.

Communication Skills: Being a paramedic is all about being good with patients & put them at comfort. You need to be good with your patients & try to make them happy and feel good about the treatment with your words & work.

Team Work: With Doctors and Patients around, you always need to be a team player. Make friendship with all people around you.

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