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A lecture by Dr. Ashok Kumar Gupta
Under the Management Lecture Series – “Ignited Minds”

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01 Oct, 2016

The Future Belongs to India

India is coming up as a vibrant economy with large number of opportunities in different sectors. Management students must be aware of the strength – weakness – opportunities and threats of our economy.

A Lecture on the topic “THE FUTURE BELONGS TO INDIA” (and Indians)… was conducted by Dr. Ashok Kumar Gupta, Coordinator, School of Business Studies, Shobhit University, on 1 October 2016, under the Management Lecture Series – “Ignited Minds”. The lecture was delivered in the form of a power point presentation to provide a deep insight of upcoming Indian economy, its size, significant industries, recent trends, and opportunities available to young management graduates.

The lecture begins with the glimpse of old methodologies of business and trade, then the present status of different sector of Indian economy, viz agri-business, retail, energy, food processing, IT, Telecom, Pharma, dairy, chemical, infrastructure, automobile, biotech, banking and financial services etc, their contribution in economic development of the country. Current trends of business, key strengths of the economy and opportunities for youth were discussed.

Students were very motivated and excited to understand various facts about India like our country is the largest producer of two-wheeler, motorcycles, sponge iron, milk and the list is long and there are plenty of opportunities for them.