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On 28/01/2017, an CSR initiative has been taken under STEP 2017 by Shobhit University.

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28 Jan, 2017

Career Building Seminar at Shobhit University, Meerut

On 28/01/2017, an CSR initiative has been taken under STEP 2017 by Shobhit University. 74 students and 17 teachers from Janta Inter College visited Shobhit University. Students from Science and Art interacted with the faculties. The motive behind this session was to make the students aware about the emerging and integrated courses in various fields. The students have been explained about the courses by which they can save their time and money. In today's age there are abundant career options that student can pursue after 10th or 12th.

In the starting of the programme, Mr Abhishek Dabas, Conveyor STEP (Student Transition and Empowerment Program) gave an overview of STEP programme and detailed about the basic motive of this initiative of Shobhit University. The STEP programme is to empower students from all sections of society. After that Dr Ashok Gupta guided students and gave them key notes on how to get good marks after 12th. He also encouraged girl students to choose their career wisely and invest their time and money in the right direction.

Neha Vashistha gave important details about Shobhit University. She detailed about what are the courses running in the campus, what are the facilities Shobhit University is offering. She also discussed about the infrastructural facilities in the university.

Mohd. Imran depicted students about the difference between traditional education and modern and professional education. He stated the basic advantage of studying in the University rather than in a college.After that, Dr Yogesh Awasthi motivated students to pick a right career and work in the right direction to achieve their desired goals. Dr Jayanand gave his blessings to students and asked them to come forward in the formation of a new society.

Mr Tara Chand Saini - teacher Janta Inter College also presented his views regarding today's education system and shared his experinece as how Shobhit University is helping students in achieving their dreams. Teachers from Janta Inter College, and their Principal Dr Rohtash Singh were being felicitated by the University.

Students visited every department of the University. In the Computer labs, students got an overview about Google, Internet and Search Engines. They had been taught as how to create email id's and how to use it. In biomedical labs students were taught to use Blood Pressure Monitors and other instruments. In the Mechanical Department, students were got to know about electronic cars and other machines. They also visited management department, moot courts and other departments.

The basic motive of this counselling session was to aware students about various emerging opportunities, to assist them in goal setting and to give them insight into more career options. Students very patiently listened and participated in the session. It was a very motivational and inspirational session.