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Learning to communicate your ideas and findings is an essential part of research. An important aspect of doctoral and academic work is presenting at seminars and conferences. The university organizes workshops, seminars, conferences and brain storming sessions at national and international level by the experts from academia, industry and research organizations for identifying potential areas of research in these emerging areas, develop inclusive syllabi, build knowledge base with innovative pedagogy, establish linkages and tie-ups with renowned institutes and universities at national and international levels.

Workshops/ Training programmes/ Sensitization programmes conducted by the University to promote a research culture on campus

Date of Event Subject/Topic Workshop/ Seminar
16 October 2018 NSDMC–2018: National Seminar on Disaster Management and Cleanliness National Conference
27th-28th April, 2018 Nanoscience & Technologies in Digital India-2018
National Conference
25 February, 2017 ETAS 2017: National Conference 'Emerging Trends in Agricultural Sciences' National Conference
17 February, 2017 CICON 2016-17: 6th International Conference on Emerging Trends in Science, Engineering, Technology and Management: Research and Development International Conference
03-06 November, 2016 37th Annual Conference of Indian Association of Biomedical Scientists National Conference
12th September, 2015 CICON - 2015:5th National Conference on Emerging Trends in Science, Engineering, Technology and Management:Research and Development National Conference
8-9th May, 2015 Approaches towards Protection of Biological Resources National Conference
30th April, 2015 Technoglintz Exhibition
27th April,2015 A seminar on “Recent Technologies & Advancement in Engineering” Seminar
25th April, 2015 Innovations and Advancements in Mechanical Engineering and Model Exhibition Competition. National Conference
06th April, 2015 Auto Cad & Staad Pro Workshop
26th March, 2015 Budget Conclave on Union Budget-2015 Conclave
27th February, 2015 Workshop on Internal Combustion Engine Workshop
20th February, 2015 Seminar-cum-workshop on “ Applications of Remote Sensing, GIS and GPS in Environment Management” Seminar-Cum-Workshop
8th December, 2014 Workshop on “Role of IPR in Biotechnology” Workshop
03rd May, 2014 Workshop on” Entrepreneurial Thinking in Business : What it takes to succeed Workshop
19th April, 2014 Workshop on “Recent Trends and Innovations in Nanobiotechnology” Workshop
07th April, 2014 World Health Day -
29-30th March, 2014 1st International Conference on “Recent Advances in Developing Biomarker Technology & Application of NGS in Pharmacogenomics” International Conference
February 15-16, 2014 CICON-2014:4th National Conference on Recent Trends in advance Computing Electronic and Information Technology National Conference
28th January,2014 Generation of Electrical Energy through Atomic Energy Seminar
20th November, 2013 Workshop on self development & preparation of Biodata by students- Conducted by Mr. Parthi Dass, Workshop
11-12th Nov,2013 National Educational Day Seminar
28th October, 2013 Windows phone workshop- Conducted by Microsoft Engg. Mr. Prabhjot Singh & Romil Bhera Workshop
27-28th September, 2013 Recent Trends and Tools in Bioinformatics and Information Technology Workshop
21-22 September, 2013 Robotics Workshop Workshop
14-15th September, 2013 India’s Biggest Robotic Workshop- Series-cum-Championship Workshop
11th September, 2013 Role of embedded systems and Embedded system design and development by Dr. R. Kashyap Seminar
24th July,2013 FDP ”How to improve Teaching” By Dr. Teja Gudluru Workshop
5th June,2013 World Environment Day Seminar
11-12th May, 2013 International Conference on Impact of Technological Tools on Food Security under Global Warming Scenario (ITTFS-2012) International Conference
7th April, 2013 World Health Day – Chief Guest- Dr. Rajeev Agarwal, Chief Cardiologist, Jaswant Rai Specialty Hospital, Meerut Workshop
05th April,2013 FDP By Networkbulls, Gurgoan Workshop
8th March 2013 International Women Day Seminar
26th February, 2013 Microsoft- AppFest (Inaugurating the Appfest at Saroj Sadan University of Mumbai, Kalina was Jean-Philippe Courtois President, Microsoft International and Dr. S.S. Mantha, Chairman, AICTE. Tech. Fest.
23rd February, 2013 Biological Engineering & Industrial Automation Systems Workshop
11th February, 2013 Technology Innovations by Sofcon India Pvt. Ltd., Noida Workshop
3rd February, 2013 CICON-2013: 3rd National Conference on Global trends and Innovations in Computer Application and Informatics. National Conference
26-27th November, 2012 2-days workshop on “Cloud Computing” Workshop
3-4th November, 2012 2-days workshop on “Entrepreneurship” Workshop
19th October,2012 Android By DUCAT Workshop
13-14th October, 2012 Information Security and Ethical Hacking Workshop
12th October,2012 Faculty Development Program Workshop
29th September, 2012 Multiscale Framework of Biotechnology, Bioinformatics & Pharmaceutical Sciences Workshop
28th April, 2012 1st National Conference Computer Electronics Technology-2012 National Conference
27th April, 2012 Introduction of Embedded System and Networking By HP, Noida Workshop
12th April, 2012 Android By CMC, Noida Workshop
10th April, 2012 Innovations emerging in various engineering branches Seminar-cum-workshop
07th April, 2012 World Health Day -
4th April, 2012 Advanced Dot Net By Centre of Advance Technology, Noida Workshop
31st March-01st April, 2012 Biomedical Research & Clinical Applications of Radioisotopes National Seminar-cum-Workshop (ISOCON-2012)
20th-24th March, 2012 Sensitization Workshop on AIDS Awareness Workshop
2nd-3rd March, 2012 ICTM-2012: Indian Civilization Through the Millenia International Conference
24-25 February, 2012 Science Day Seminar
18th February, 2012 Emerging trends in Agri-Informatics and Bioinformatics Workshop
11th February, 2012 Electronic Security & Fire Systems Workshop
17th December, 2011 Curriculum Development Workshop – Agri Informatics Workshop
29th Nov, 2011 - 01st Dec, 2011 Hands on Training on Software Engg. Workshop
29th Nov,2011- 01st Dec, 2011 Hands on Training on Java Workshop
27th November, 2011 Alok Bhatia-Mathematics Olympiad Mathematics Olympiad-2011
24th November, 2011 Microsoft Silver light Workshop
20th November, 2011 PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) Workshop
27th October, 2011 Corel Draw Workshop
21st October, 2011 PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) Workshop
14th October, 2011 Advanced. Net. Workshop
21st September, 2011 Psychodynamics of Group and Individual Transformation Workshop
5th September, 2011 Education for Character Building and Creativity Colloquium
31st August, 2011 Business and Education opportunities in Mongolia Seminar
22nd August, 2011 Symposium on Innovations in Biomedical Engineering and Technology Symposium
08th June,2011 Multimedia & Animation Workshop
7th May, 2011 Ethical Principles in Pharmaceutical Sciences Seminar
9-10th April, 2011 CICON-2011: 2nd National Conference on Global trends and Innovations in Computer Application and Informatics. National Conference
07th April, 2011 World Health Day -
02-03rd April, 2011 Bio-Innovations: Technical Aspects BITA-2011 Workshop
24th-26th March, 2011 Annual Conference of Vijnana Parishad of India and The Global Society of Mathematical & Allied Sciences National Conference
18th March, 2011 The Nonkilling Paradigm (Seminar and Brainstorming Session) Venue-“Gandhi Darshan, Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti” New Delhi Seminar
14th March, 2011 Analytical Reasoning & Aptitude Workshop
08th March, 2011 Conclave on Union Budget-2011 Conclave
06th March, 2011 Applications of GIS & GPS Technologies in Agriculture and Forestry Workshop
23rd January, 2011 Alok Bhatia-Mathematics Olympiad Workshop
07th December, 2010 Workshop on nanotechnology organized in collaboration with Quantum Nanoscience Chennai Workshop
04th December, 2010 Innovation in Agri-informatics program studies and research Workshop
27th -28th November, 2010 IT Security & Ethical Hacking Workshop
23rd November, 2010 VLSI Design Testing and Testability Workshop
30th-31st Oct, 2010 ICTM-2010: Indian Civilization Through the Millenia International Conference
23rd October, 2010 Recent Trends in Image Processing Workshop
18th September, 2010 Mobi-Bo Tricks Workshop
11th-12th September, 2010 Genes and Genomics: Qualitative and Quantitative Approach Workshop
28th August, 2010 Workshop on Robotics and Embedded C Workshop
01st August, 2010 Summer Industrial Workshop on emerging trends in Bioinformatics and Biotechnology Workshop
8-9th May, 2010 CICON-2010:1st National Conference on Emerging Trends in Advanced Computing and Informatics National Conference
05th May, 2010 World Environment Day Workshop
25th April, 2010 DNA Day celebration by Biotechnoinformatics society Workshop
27th March, 2010 Nanomaterials Recent Techniques and Applications Workshop
15th March, 2010 Legal Aspects of Consumer Rights Workshop
27th Feb, 2010 Union Budget 2010-11 Workshop
20th -21st Feb, 2010 Ethical Hacking Workshop
10th -11th February, 2010 Recent Trends in Biomedical Engg. Workshop
16th January, 2010 Biomedical Engg. : Techniques and Applications Workshop
23rd November, 2009 Signal Processing for Biomedical Engineering Workshop
12th - 22nd November, 2009 100 Years of Hind Swaraj Conclave
31th October, 2009 Opportunities in Indian Rural Markets for FMCG Seminar
31th October, 2009 Opportunities in Indian Rural Markets for FMCG Workshop
29th October, 2009 Bio-medical Engineering - “the equipment related to biomedical engineering will witness an emerging form of biomedical engineering” Seminar
10th October, 2009 Higher Productivity & Profitability” (Work the Lean Sigma Six Way) Workshop
3rd October, 2009 Recent Trends in Nanoscience & Nanotechnology Workshop
09th September, 2009 Financing Opportunities for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises Workshop
11th August, 2009 Indo-German Cooperation Conference and Business Match Making International Conference
10th July, 2009 Recent Techniques in Bio Technology, Bio Informatics and Immuno-technology Workshop
9th July, 2009 Importance of Research in Ayurveda Workshop
8th July, 2009 Bioelectric phenomena in bones Workshop
12th May, 2009 Himsamukta Bharat (Violence free India) Conclave
22nd April, 2009 Reduce Global Warming And Mitigate Climatic Change By Eliminating Pollution And Bringing In Green Revolution Workshop
11th-12th April, 2009 Biomedical Engineering Workshop
1st April, 2009 Electronics Workshop
28th March, 2009 Waste Water Management Workshop
22nd March, 2009 How to create world class accountant Workshop
21st March, 2009 Globalization Workshop
21st March, 2009 International Accounting Council Workshop
27th-28th February, 2009 ICTM-2009: Indian Civilization Through the Millenia International Conference
21st February, 2009 Centre for Global Peace Strategy Seminar
16th February, 2009 International Skill Initiative Workshop
15th February, 2009 World Peace (Vishwa Shanti) and Non-Violence (Ahimsa) Seminar
1st- 5th February, 2009 Sensitization of Main Stream Media Workshop
15th December, 2008 Business Opportunities with German Cooperation Workshop
12th December, 2008 Global Retail Industry Workshop
09th December, 2008 Youth against Terror Conclave
09th December, 2008 Business Opportunities with German Cooperation Workshop
12th December, 2008 Global Retail Industry Workshop
18th November, 2008 Socio Economics Environment of Ukraine Workshop
14th November, 2008 Nehru’s Vision of Modern India Seminar
14th November, 2008 Stress Management Workshop
23rd October, 2008 Mission Moon Indian prospective Workshop
16th October, 2008 Food for Today and Tomorrow Seminar
17th October, 2008 Biotechnology and future challenges Workshop
01st-03rd March, 2008 Achieving and Integrating Personal and Professional Excellence Workshop
24th – 25th January, 2008 Management of Entrepreneurship in Development. Workshop
4th Nov, 2007 Leadership in Corporate Workshop
7th October, 2007 Use of Bio Medical Engineering in today’s world Workshop
18th April, 2007 Global Competition in Technology and Management Workshop
28th March, 2007 Employability and Education Workshop
23rd March, 2007 Information Technology and Global Market Workshop
Date of Event Subject/Topic Workshop/ Seminar
20th & 21st April, 2018 National Conference on Cutting Edge Technologies in Herbal Medicine Conference
18th April, 2018 National Conference Management in New Millennium Strategies for Growth (NCMNM -2018) Conference
6-7th March, 2018 Recent Advancement in Science and Technology National Conference
31st January, 2017 Inter-Disciplinary Conference on “Madhumeh” Conference
April 22-23, 2016 2nd National Conference on Innovation and advancement in Mechanical Engineering National Conference
19th March 2016 National Conference on “New Challenges in Pharmaceutcal Education and Research” National Conference
28th Nov.2015 2nd International Conference on Ageing: Classical to Advanced Approach International Conference
2nd May 2015 National Conference on Enterpreneurial Academic Relationship in Pharmaceutical Research & Campus Placement Drive National Conference
April 25, 2015 National Conference On “Innovation and advancement in Mechanical Engineering” & Model Exhibition cum Open Day National Conference
April 07, 2015 Visit to Shobhit University, Meerut for Participation in Workshop on Auto CAD & Staad Pro Workshop
Seminar Seminar On Financial Education and Investors Awareness 31st January, 2015
21-25 January, 2015 Five Days Training-Workshop on Solar Workshop
12th December, 2014 A Report On One day Workshop ‘Vermicomposting: Promoting Rural Youth Entrepreneurship’ Workshop
29-30 November, 2014 Two Days Training-Workshop On Robotics Workshop
23rd November, 2014 International Seminar on Biomedical Sciences Seminar
22nd November, 2014 One day workshop On Enhancing Interaction & Fostering Professional Soft Skill Workshop
21st November, 2014 Seminar on ERP/SAP School of Business Studies & Entrepreneurship Conference
October 09, 2014 Workshop on Information Security & Ethical Hacking By Appin Technology Lab Workshop
19th September, 2014 One-Day Hands-on Workshop on “8051MICROCONTROLLER” Workshop
12th September, 2014 Sofcon Training: One Day Workshop Workshop
26th April, 2014 State Level Paper Presentation Competition on Agri Science, Engineering & Technology: A Basic to Advanced Approach (AGRISET- 2014) Conference
12th April, 2014 1st National Student Conference on Recent Trends in Engineering & Technology (TECH-PEP 2014) National Conference
April 21-23, 2014 Seminar on Spirituality Seminar
March 29-30, 2014 1st International Conference on ‘‘Recent Advances in Developing Biomarker Technology & Application of NGS in Pharmacogenomics (Biomarker-NGS-2014) International Conference
16 November, 2013 First National Workshop on Presentation and Communication Skills For Engineers and Corporate Workshop
18th October, 2013 One Day Career Cum Technical Workshop Workshop
05th October,2013 - 06th October, 2013 Two Day National Workshop On Bioinfomatics And Drug Designing Workshop
14 September, 2013 One Day Workshop On Soft Skills For Professionals Workshop