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Shobhit University Scholarship Scheme 2018

Shobhit University aims to create a conducive, enabling academic climate to facilitate integration of the younger generation into the logic of the present system and to develop educational means by which men and women deal critically and creatively with reality and discover how to participate in the transformation of their world.

As an initiative to acknowledge the efforts, hard work and achievement of young students, Shobhit University is proud to announce a number of scholarship schemes.

Academic Merit Based Scholarship Scheme

Candidates joining Shobhit University to take off in their career in 2018-19 will be eligible for this Scholarship as per criteria mentioned below:-

Aggregate Percentage in Qualifying Examination Scholarship Amount
Above 90% marks 50% of Tuition Fee
Above 85% marks 40% of Tuition Fee
Above 80% marks 30% of Tuition Fee
Above 75% marks 20% of Tuition Fee

Adarsh Vidyadhan Samman Scholarships

A special scholarship (upto 20% Tuition Fee) has been approved by University for Girl Candidates, and Candidates from the North Eastern states.

Babu Vijendra Shourya Samman Scholarships

A Gratitude Scholarship (upto 50% Tuition Fee) has been approved by University for the wards of great Martyrs.

The wards of Defence Personnel shall be provided a special scholarship (upto 20% Tuition Fee).

Chancellor’s Scholarships

A special scholarship (upto 20% Tuition Fee) has been approved by University for Alumni applying for admission in Shobhit University programs 2018.

Important Note:

  • We strongly encourage prospective students, for whom scholarships are a major decision factor, to apply for admission sooner rather than later. Funding for some scholarships is limited and will be fully awarded early in the financial aid cycle.
  • Scholarships are initially applicable for the First Year of the program only. Continuation of the Scholarship in the Second, Third and Fourth year of the program is subject to obtaining a minimum of 75% marks in the previous year examinations without any ‘back paper.’
  • The scholarship recipients are required to maintain a minimum of 75% attendance in each course, failing which, Scholarship award shall be withdrawn.
  • Once the Scholarship award gets discontinued/withdrawn, the student cannot claim continuation of the scholarship award in future.
  • The scholarship schemes are not applicable for BAMS, B.Pharm., M.Tech., M.Phil. and Ph.D. programs.
  • As many other Scholarships are also available in the university, a student in case of being eligible for more than one category, can opt only for one Scholarship.

In case of any doubt about your eligibility for Academic Merit Based Scholarship, please contact on

Last updated on 20/02/2018