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B.Com., LL.B. (Hons.)
5 Years Integrated Program

School of Law and Constitutional Studies seeks to prepare students for the practice of law in India.

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The coursework combines a degree of sophistication in terms of legal content and upgrades student’s commercial and regulatory skills. The students get more exposure and opportunities as compared to a commerce graduate. The course enhances the practical knowledge of the students as well by providing a strong theoretical framework.

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We're the first to admit it: Learning the law is not easy. You have to sharpen a range of skills, including analysis, writing, and persuasion. You also have to learn a canon of precedents, concepts, theories, and procedures. As a strong academic community, committed to our students, we have designed curricula that produce broadly educated lawyer with strong Constitutional background and we have developed an approach to teaching the law that is both challenging and supportive in compliance with the recommendations and guidelines of Bar Council of India.


  • Develop intellectual rigor as well as more general transferable intellectual skills which are of value in the practice of Law and a wide range of careers.
  • Provide an integrated knowledge of law and accounting, managerial economics, statistics.

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