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BBA, LL.B. (Hons.)
5 Years Integrated Program

School of Law and Constitutional Studies seeks to prepare students for the practice of law in India.

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The objective of the curriculum is to provide a blended knowledge of law and management. This is a gateway to the real world of management and decision-making. This course gives an insight to the students into the fundamentals of legal studies. They are exposed to basic concepts of law and legal system. Apart from the traditional ways like lecture, assignments, etc. the teaching pedagogy will cover up most up-to-date methods such as research, case studies, presentations, mooting, discussion, and clinical legal education.

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We're the first to admit it: Learning the law is not easy. You have to sharpen a range of skills, including analysis, writing, and persuasion. You also have to learn a canon of precedents, concepts, theories, and procedures. As a strong academic community, committed to our students, we have designed curricula that produce broadly educated lawyer with strong Constitutional background and we have developed an approach to teaching the law that is both challenging and supportive in compliance with the recommendations and guidelines of Bar Council of India.


  • Develop a deepened understanding of law in a variety of contexts.
  • Critically engage the law students with the role of law in managerial practice.
  • Display the ability to deal with different types of legal issued and laws.
  • Apply critical and contextual approaches across a wide variety of subject matter.
  • Develop the ability to analyze, articulate and write on the subject.

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